Monday, December 11, 2006

The best TV show EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER (really)

There are so many things I want to be doing right now I feel like I could ricochet around the house like a pinball. There are the star ornaments above to be finished -- just some quickie painty/collagey thingies that are really the only ornaments I am making this year. And I want to be writing, of course, and also reading the big fat book that came from Amazon today, my latest nonfiction book feeding my British Raj obsession, and needed to fill in some last minute factual gaps in Spicy Little Curses. And then there's the great baking marathon which simply must come to a close, as my mother and I, between the two of us, have made TWENTY kinds of cookies!!! And I want to gift wrap, and smother the dogs with affection (Shiloh's face is starting to go bald from the radiation, by the way. Boo hoo. I was kind of thinking she was somehow impervious to radiation, it's been quite a few weeks, but now her fur is falling out on her snout, especially right around her nose and lips. My poor old baby.)

It's pretty much all fun stuff, and most of it is holiday stuff. I didn't get any writing done today, unfortunately. Slept in until 8!!!! We never do that. Our bed is far too comfortable right now, with the flannel sheets, and a few months ago we got new curtains that are dark, which seems to be a bad thing. 6 am feels like 3 am, and we keep hitting snooze. In our defense, though, it was a late night due to it being the season finale of the best show on television ever ever EVER: The Wire. We don't get HBO so we went to my parents house to catch up the past 3 episodes that they tivo'ed for us, plus the new one. OH MY LORD. If you haven't seen this show, you MUST. Really, no show has ever come anywhere close to the quality of The Wire. Each season is structured like a novel, a single ongoing storyline with fantastic writing and amazing characters. Now, by the end of season 4, we love some of these characters so much that the show really has the potential for total emotional devastation. No show has ever had that power, for me.

If you haven't heard of it, it's "about" cops & drug dealers in Baltimore, but that's really NOT what it's about. It's more about the myriad ills of urban America. It's about the ways the system is failing the kids, about the politics of governing a city with massive financial and racial issues, about whole chunks of a city that have just rotted away because of drugs. The best thing about it is the characters: never have there been such real, multi-dimensional characters on a TV show. I read a quote from the show's creator (a former Baltimore cop and public school teacher) who said something to the effect of "Good and evil bore the shit out of me." The drug dealers are just as much real fully fleshed characters as the cops. Neither are good or evil. I can't even begin to do it justice. If you are already a fan of the show: Bubbles! Omar! Bunny! Carver! Stringer Bell (ooh la la, Stringer Bell)! Bodie! Jimmy and Bunk and Kima and Daniels and Carcetti. . . and of course: Randy, Michael, Namond, and Duquan, the best young actors I have seen in a long, long time. Frick. It's so damn good. You have to start with the first season; Netflix it. I kid you not. Go. Now. It's actually the reason we got Netflix to begin with, because our video store only had one copy of each disc and we could. not. wait. And if you don't think you're into "cop shows" don't let that stop you. This makes all other cop shows look like little urban fairy tales written by half wits for half wits. It will ruin you for other cop shows. Okay, I've said enough. (Okay, not quite, if you watched it last night, how broken is your heart? How much do you want to adopt those kids?)

(Oh, and one more thing -- watching this show, seeing all these AMAZING African American actors that you've never seen before, you want to see them all more, in movies, in other shows, and it really makes you realize how few great roles there are for African American actors, and how seldom they get cast in roles that are "race blind". Ptthhhwwwwt!)

Also, while at my parents' house last night I took a few pictures of my mom's Christmas decor, including some of the contents of the "toy cupboard" which is an antique pie safe complete with punched tin doors, that becomes a toy display for the holidays. So fun!


Jim Di Bartolo said...

For those out there doubting Laini and her ULTRA strong recommendation of this show, let me just say that she speaks the truth. I've NEVER loved a show and it's characters more than this one. Sadly next season (Season 5) will be the last of it, but rest assured that we'll be buying all 5 of them eventually. 100% pure awesomeness. Times 10. Plus 1,000. Squared.


Deirdre said...

Christmas ornaments too!?! Laini, you are obscenely talented. And even the mention of cookies has sent me off to raid Richard's secret stash. Shhh. We don't get HBO either, and I haven't heard of this show, but I might netflix it because the above mentioned cookie keeper loves a good cop show.

Anonymous said...

I am with you...I swear that 8:00 am looks more like 6:00 am did during the summer. It is very diffcult to climb out of the warm cozy bed!

I love your xmas ornaments..they are fabulous!

Alex S said...

I'm sad to hear that about sweet Shiloh. I hope she is at least enjoying all the decorations downstairs, esp at night while you guys are asleep. And lordylordylordy, whereever have you been hiding those BEAUTIFUL ornaments??? They're beautiful! Every year you create something totally new that has never been before. Bookmarks, dolls, mosaic trays and pots-its out of control. How do you have time to pray to Mr. T and Captain Crunch every morning with all this nonstop baking and creating going on over there?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ornaments - both your's and your mom's.

Give Shiloh a hug from me, and tell her I think bald is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I shall check out The Wire per your recommendation. (We have HBO--I've just never watched the series...even though every review is an utter rave.) re the African-American actors...I felt that way after watching Andre Braugher out-act every actor on television for years on "Homicide" (another show set in Baltimore) this day, I cannot understand why he's not a world-famous actor...the man can barely get a supporting role in a film.

Denise S. said...

My DH and I both wholeheartily agree about The Wire.
It just has no equal on TV.
I will be so sad to see it end also.

I love your star ornaments you are working on and your Mom's toy cupboard looks so festive.

Left-handed Trees... said...

I have never seen the "Wire"...I only watch two hours of TV per week max--ever. But, maybe you'll get me hooked? The ornaments above are beautiful, my daughter was insisting on doing some holiday crafting this week--maybe I'll convince her ornaments are the way to go (she has very elaborate ideas, though, so we'll see--and since she is truly the "artist" I know I'll follow her lead.) I hope Shiloh is doing well!

jennifer said...

I totally agree about The Wire! We LOVE it! Dave & I took Camille to the zoo last night and when she was walking ahead of us , all we talked about was The Wire! LOVE it! We had seen the finale last Monday as we have On Demand.. so Dave was sworn to secrecy not to tell you guys the ending when he saw you this weekend! I had to keep reminding him not to let it slip. The show is amazing and heartbreaking ! I love Omar! He is our favorite! What an awesome actor.

Great ornaments! Is that kimono fairy from the card I sent you? :)

Jennifer :)

jennifer said...

We LOVE, LOVE , LOVE The Wire too!

We netflixed it before we had HBO and watched it till 1:00 am one night, we couldn't stop!

We have HBO so we had watched the final episode last Monday sooo when Dave saw you this weekend, he was sworn to secrecy not to be a spoiler! :) We love the actors, especially Omar....

Great ornaments! Is that Kimono fairy perhaps from the card that I sent ya? :)

Judy Wise said...

I can't believe you ever sleep with all you do. OMG, 20 batches of cookies and ornaments too. I must be living in a different time warp. I've made no cookies, gained 4 pounds and feel like the solstice has already come and gone. You inspire!!

Laini Taylor said...

Jennifer -- yes, that IS the kimono fairy from the card you sent. Thank you! I love that artist. And The Wire. Sigh... We'll have to wait FOREVER for Season 5!!

boho girl said...

i am feeling JUST like much i want to do and not sure where to start!

i love these little glimpses into your home.


la vie en rose said...

i love your star ornaments! too cute!

jennifer said...

Sorry for the 2 almost identical posts! I kept getting busy signals when I tried to comment so I posted twice trying to remember what I said in the first post... Sorry : (

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I couldn't post at all for the longest time! What is UP with Blogger?!

And oh your Christmas stuff looks gorgeous...and the Wire is one of the best shows EVER on television, I think.

You have such good taste. ;) I wish we could go have coffee or something!

Deb R said...

I've never seen "The Wire." We don't get HBO either and I haven't seen it on DVD. One more to look for!

The ornaments are pretty!

Sending good thoughts to Shiloh~~~

How was yesterday's movie? I thought that one looked like it might be cute.

Amber said...

Aww, your mom's Christmas stuff is sweet!

Kory and I were pretty emotionally bound to Party of Five. We were pretty UPSET!!! when it ended...And, okay, we are STILL upset about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seriously, everytime it comes up, we both grumble for about an hour. LOL

We will check this out.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes!!! Now that I am done with all Lost, project runway, Alias, and the best of all shows...Th eon eand only...Six Feet Under I have felt lost. Lost without my series to watch. i've gotten spoiled by seasons on tape. I actually refuse to watch seasons on TV any more. I only do video TV now. And what better solace after puting my little one to sleep than a 60 hour movie or something! So I am eternally grateful for the enthusism for your new fave show. I will for sure go get it right away!

Anonymous said...

Must look for that series on Region 2 DVD. Sounds fascinating. Your mom's Christmas decorations and your ornaments are terrific!

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