Thursday, August 06, 2009


Nope. Still no baby. I just read that at full-term a baby grows a half a pound a week. Ulp. So here I am, steadily inflating with baby. May try acupuncture in a few days. I've never had acupuncture. I'm kind of curious. Or, maybe I'll just go into labor today :-)

Look, the movie trailer for Lovely Bones:
Looks good, I think; better than the Time Traveler's Wife trailer, which is about as Hollywood as it could possibly be. The movie might still be good though. Hard to say. I am looking forward to Audrey Niffenegger's second novel, Her Fearful Symmetry:

The book is a supernatural story about twins who inherit an apartment near a London cemetery and become embroiled in the lives of the building’s other residents and the ghost of their aunt, who left them the flat.

Cool. I didn't read Alice Sebold's follow-up to The Lovely Bones. It sounded icky. Something about a daughter killing her mother. Anyone read it? Speaking of icky follow-ups, this from Charlotte this morning about the sequel to Patrick Ness's The Knife of Never Letting Go: "If Knife provided the cut, this follow-up provides the fester" -- Starred review, Booklist

Ooh, don't you love a book that festers? Ha ha. Reading "Knife" was kind of like being mugged in an alley and left there in a pool of your own blood. So painful. So I can't quite imagine how The Ask and the Answer could be worse. I mean, not worse in the sense of bad -- note the starred review -- just even more painful. I'd thought I'd certainly read the sequel, and I probably still will, but I'm not sure. I'll probably give it a shot. But really, Knife made me feel truly awful, so I don't know.

Oh, the Lovely Bones, above. If you didn't know, it's directed by Peter Jackson, one of my favorite directors. I'm also excited to see District 9, which he produced, and which comes out a week from tomorrow. So, well, maybe I won't be seeing it! But it looks good! (Embedding is disabled, for some reason, but follow the link to watch the trailer.)

P.S. Good advice OVER HERE from Stephanie on: making time to write. It's interspersed with cute teen movie crushes, too, for added excitement :-)


Amber said...

Dang it, baby! Get with it, little miss! You should be born...all the cool kids are doin' it. ;)

The Lovely Blones movie looks good! I Do love Jackson...I did not really care so much for the book, really. I know everyone loved it, but I was just okay with it. And the next one, The Almost Moon-- I did read it, and disliked it. It just dragged, and was doomy gloomy. IMO.

Have you ever read The Mercy of Thin Air? I know I asked before. but it is also a todl by a ghost story, but the language is just beautiful. Loved the story...I wondered why it didn't take off like Bones. I guess some is just luck, huh? You should read it, I'd like to see what you think.

oxox ;)

Amber said...

You like that? "The Lovely BLones". LOL!

Kiersten said...

Sending you all of my contraction-inducing vibes.

You didn't know I had that power, did you?

tanita davis said...

Yeah, see, I HEARD THAT about The Knife of Never Letting Go, and so it is sitting on my shelf 'til the sequel shows up, thankyouverymuch.

(My older sister was born August 8th. Just a suggestion, Professor.)

BTW!!!!!! Got my copy of Lips Touch! Am reading tonight!!

tone almhjell said...

No baby here, either. Sigh. Not that I don't like sleeping in and all that, but I'm so heavy, my hips hurt when I wake up. Would be great to get rid of some of that weight :)

I got the new Robin Hobb book today, though, should be good for a distraction. I like The lovely bones and want to see the movie - but it'll probably be on dvd.

Okay, dear, full moon tonight. Maybe that'll help?

Tricia said...

hi laini, i am usually a lurker here--but i had to say a quick "hang in there." my daughter, now nine, was 6 days past her due date and those were absolutely the longest 6 days of the whole entire pregnancy!!!
and as for the acupuncture--it's wonderful. i've had much success with a chronic back pain issue and now with more immune system building treatments. also great to help relax...get the energy flowing.
i remember reading once that wearing a moonstone on the right hand can bring on labor....worth a try. :)
oh, i am sending you a wish for a speedy easy labor. you are getting ready to experience the most wonderful thing---i can still remember the exact feeling the moment i first laid eyes on my precious little one. :) so many good days ahead for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. When I was a nanny my employer was overdue by a week. Of course they scheduled her to be induced and what do you know...he decided to be born the night before she was scheduled.
Hope you get to meet your little one soon!

DJ FOX said...

New to the blog!

At least The Time Traveler's wife movie will make more people read the book. I can already tell the movie just won't do that writing justice.

Fingers crossed on baby!

holly cupala said...

Hang in there, Laini!

I have to agree about KNIFE. I felt quite betrayed and (I know, sacreligious), might not pick up the next...though I'm swayed by Tanita's logic. That's what I always advocate to those new to LOST. Don't suffer the torture!

Shelli said...

love lovely bones! baby will be here soon! hang in there. :)

Stephanie Perkins said...

Ooo, the trailer looks wonderful! And, yes, MUCH better than the one for The Time Traveler's Wife. It's so heartbreaking how dull that one looks. Even with Rachel McAdams! Why, Hollywood, why? And yes again — District 9 looks AWESOME. Everyone I knew at Comic-Con freaked out over it.

And I can't wait for Audrey's next novel! It sounds intriguing. Have you ever read The Three Incestuous Sisters? Weird, but definitely cool weird.

Thank you for linking me :)

I can't wait to meet Professor. So soon! We're all rooting for you.


tone almhjell said...

Full moon. Bah. Humbug.

Kel said...

Laini, lurker here unlurking to comment on KNIFE. I agree that reading the book was painful. The idea that the book is supposedly geared towards young male reluctant readers mystifies me. I had a difficult time wading through the dialect, I can't imagine a boy who hates to read being patient enough to get through the first chapter. I have a copy of the second book, but don't know if I'll be able to get through it or not.

Wishes for patience for you and your husband, Professor will join you soon. My oldest daughter was 11 days overdue, and I went into labor the morning I was to be induced. I didn't wait that long with my second, I asked to be induced ASAP after my due date, and she was born three days later. I said it was because my girls were too comfy to want to be born! I'll be thinking of you!

Kelly (N.Indiana)

Megsie said...

Thinking of you with good thoughts... Can't wait to see pictures of Little Miss Professor!

Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

You probably know this already and this does NOT mean it will happen to you, but it is perfectly normal for a baby to be 42 weeks, esp. a first. My son was!

And if you experience prodromal labor, be sure to REST...these are contractions that can go on for days and are exhausting. Do everything you can to rest. Bath. Even a glass of wine!

Charlotte said...

Someday that "nope" will be a "yep"! Hang in there!

Lucy said...

congratulations Laini!!
wishing you happiness always!
(a long walk brought on my contractions!)
much luck!

Amber Lough said...

You're doing great, Mama! It's wonderful to see someone being so optimistic this late in the game. My kids were late ones, too; I understand how it gets uncomfortable and the anxiety ramps up. Soon, though, soon! (Maybe NOW.)

Eveline said...

I loved The Lovely Bones, and am both looking forward to and dreading watching the film. The book was so beautiful, film might ruin the images I had in my head....

I also liked Lucky, the book that came out before The Lovely Bones, but I did not like The almost moon, the one about the daughter killing the mother. It took me a long time to get 'into' the book, it felt very repetitive, could have been finished in half the pages it took. Would not recommend at all.... Which is a shame, because I so enoyed the other two. Oh well...