Friday, April 03, 2009

Off to Phoenix!

Well, I'm off to Arizona today with a box of donuts** on my lap, and I'm not bringing my computer so it'll be crickets here this weekend. But as soon as I get home I'll post pics and hopefully even video clips of the event. It's not too late to come! Gold & platinum seats have sold out, but there are still some seats open. Lots of authors, music, and fun on Saturday afternoon in Tempe, Arizona!

(Looking forward to feeling some sunshine too, I admit. Though my first trip to Phoenix, years ago, was in July and I think I must have said a thousand times that I hated it there. Even the swimming pools were hot!!! Water came out of the taps warm. Misery. With subsequent trips at more moderate times of years (my sister went to grad school there, so we visited regularly-ish) it started to grow on me. Love Northern AZ, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. And we also had a lovely trip to the far south, to attend a wedding in the "sky islands" of the Sonoran Desert. Saw bears and lynxes and a zillion trillion hummingbirds. This trip is just a city trip though, but besides the event itself there's one awesome thing to look forward to: seeing Stephanie, who is also going to be in town!!!)

Oh, and last night Jim was up late drawing one-of-a-kind drawings in: a signed hardcover of Blackbringer and signed ARCs of Silksinger AND Lips Touch and those will be auctioned -- not sure if they're going to be part of the live event or the online auction, but the drawings make them very special :-) There will also be an awesome Blackbringer audio edition auctioned. It's narrated by the amazing "golden voice" artist, Davina Porter, and is really expensive at retail, so this might actually be a chance to get a good deal on it. Signed!

Have a great weekend!

**Donuts not for me; truly. They are for the very wonderful event organizers who invited me to take part, and who always go straight to this donut shop from the airport when they visit Portland. Last year at the Kidlit Blogger's Conference, I saw a lot of out-of-town visitors with Voodoo bags and boxes. Many seemed to try the famous maple-bacon bar, which I think sounds excelllent. Mmm, bacon.

P.S. The "Freedom" thing from the last post is a treasure. I set it for an hour at a time and at first my brain kept sending me all those little stupid messages to check something on or check my email, but after a little while, they stopped coming and I could just concentrate on my writing. Awesome.


Shari said...

OMG. Those donuts do have some girth. You had me at Maple-bacon bar. Have a wonderful time this weekend.

Amber said...

Be safe.

holly cupala said...

Yes...the maple bacon bar was awesome...I might just have to go back to P-land for another.

Have a great time!

tone almhjell said...

I wish I could come. Inspiration and sunshine (and maybe a snatched donut - you're not much good at counting, I hope?) sounds much better than cat sitting other plans. Everybody else is going somewhere for easter, and I'm the only one left in Oslo, with just my computer and some candy and the amazing tap dancing gameboy causing occasional happy chills, and..

Hey...Did I say just me, computer and no plans? Cool!

Amber Lough said...

Have fun in Arizona! It's a great thing you and the other writers are doing.

BTW, the freedom program is going to save my career, I just know it. Thanks for showing it to everyone!

Shanni said...

Hope you had fun in AZ!

Vivian said...

Hope you had fun! Can't wait to hear about it.

daanon said...

I'm not sure I would have made it through the 14 or so hours leading up to the event if it wasn't for those donuts. I never thought I'd describe something called an Old Dirty Bastard as heavenly, but those Oreo and peanut butter icing donuts are one of my favorite things on the planet. As much as I loved the donuts though, thank you so much for coming to the event, we were so happy to have you.

tone almhjell said...

Hey, what did Phoenix do? Kidnap you? I don't have much money, but I could send them a naughty kitten or two for ransom.