Friday, March 06, 2009

Wonderful mail

I received something very awesome in the mail yesterday: a little package from a 14-year-old reader (whose blog can be found HERE). It included, among many fun things, an adorable hand-crocheted elephant for the baby, a drawing of Magpie holding a human-size chocolate bar (remember: Magpie loves chocolate!), and a brilliantly written piece of fiction entitled HOW THE LAST PAGE OF THE DREAMDARK SERIES IS NOT ALLOWED TO GO. IF IT GOES LIKE THIS I WILL DROP IT IN THE BATHTUB. There follows devastating imagining of the conclusion to my series in which the forest of Dreamdark is laid waste by marauding humans and Magpie sits numb over Talon's dead body. Then turns him into a tree. Which then burns down. (!!!!!!!) Did I say it was brilliantly written? It fills me with complete glee. There is, at the end, a hand-written plea to not kill Talon. I loved this entire package! Thank you so much, Lexi. It completely made my week! Month!

(Lexi, by the way, was one of the winners of my Silksinger early-draft "contest" -- she read and gave feedback back in the summer before I did a new round of revisions.)

In other package news, funnily enough, at the same time that I mailed some cookies and other things to Stephanie, she mailed some cookies and other things to us! They reached their destinations one day apart, as if they were a planned cookie exchange, but in fact it was a total coincidence! Thank you Steph! (And for the baby's very first board books, too!)

Bloggers are awesome package-senders, and I got a terrific one a little while back from the queen of all blog-friend gift-giving, Heather, who famously (to me), knitted a doll version of me complete with pink hair and a tiny copy of Blackbringer! Included in this new package, along with stationery and goodies and coolness like a little book about zombies on picnics, was: a gorgeous hand-made baby blanket! Now, the thing is, this was before I told anyone I was pregnant!!! I mean, I was pregnant, but I hadn't said so. Heather has pregnancy telepathy!!!!

Thank you lovely gifty ladies. I [heart] blog-friends!


Kiersten said...

Ha, I posted on what a happy thing nice packages in the mail is today, too! And I think we got the same batch of cookies--weren't they yummy?

Someday I will be that thoughtful person.

Laini Taylor said...

Kiersten, what do you mean "someday"? I thought Stephanie's Coraline doll was from you! That was thoughtful :-)

Katie said...

Well wasn't that glorious?! What a great day!!!

That little 13 year old package was adorable :-)

Kiersten said...

Yes, it was, but I was only thoughtful because she gave me a critique on one of my manuscripts that was SO. AWESOME. I'm going to work on random thoughtfulness ; )

Stephanie Perkins said...

WHAT?? No, I didn't send you guys the same batch of cookies. I slaved over those on two separate, long and grueling occasions.

Or maybe I just made a reaaaaally HUGE batch. You gotta love a recipe that starts with "soften one pound of butter" ;)

I'm so glad the cookies made it whole (to both of you).

And Lexi -- You are the cooooolest. If Laini kills Talon, my copy is SO in the bathtub too!!

Heather said...

What can I say? I pick up the vibes. Now I have to knit a baby for your doppelganger!

Laini Taylor said...

Oh my gosh, Heather! Don't tease me :-)

tone almhjell said...

Hi, sweets, I'm still alive, and I heart my blog friends, too.