Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Imagine cupcakes

Not this cupcake**. This is made of felt. The ones that are made of sugar and buttercream and other edible (but inadvisable) things, you have to imagine, because I didn't have my camera with me today when Jim and I and new friends Liesa and James happened upon Cupcake Jones in the Pearl District. The moment I saw the cupcakes through the window... I knew they were no ordinary cupcakes. Listen to this, and conjure the image in your head:

baklava cupcake -- cardamom cake filled with honey pistachio pastry cream topped with honey pistachio buttercream, candied pistachios and filo wedges. Uh huh. That's what I had. Well, that's what I had first.

snickers cupcake -- caramel velvet cake filled with whipped chocolate peanut ganache topped with caramel buttercream, chocolate and caramel drizzles and chopped peanuts. That's what I had second.


And listen to what's on the menu for later in the week: "Mallomar cupcake with homemade marshmallows and graham crackers," a "linzer cookie cupcake" -- that one involves brown sugar hazelnut cake. Brown sugar hazelnut cake? Oh. Yum. And, oh my god, they make an "almond joy" cupcake, chocolate filled with coconut cream topped with almond buttercream frosting. Ack! I'm getting fat just thinking about these!

Calm down, Laini. Calm.

Well, we had a really nice afternoon, cupcakes and books and Vietnamese food with new friends. We met Liesa and James at the conference last weekend, and they are spending a few days in Portland before heading home to New York/New Jersey, so we got to hang out. Liesa is an editor at Simon and Schuster, and it was fun going through the YA and Middle Grade sections at Powell's with her; I bought a couple of books she's edited. It was also fun seeing James' eyes bug out when he discovered the photography section. Powell's = Paradise. In the event of an apocalypse, that is where I want to be, and if at all possible, I'd like for the Whole Foods and Cupcake Jones to remain fully operational (okay, and Anthropologie too). Apocalypse Schmocalypse. Yes?

Belatedly, a few blog posts by attendees of the conference last weekend. It was really great to meet both Stephanie and Elise. I look forward to reading your books, as soon as may be! (Oh, and: Stephanie has blue hair. Yay!)

**For the adorable felty cupcakes pictured above, click here.


tone almhjell said...

Oh yes, that would certainly be a good place to be for a schmapocalypse. Maybe only topped by the very, very best library with a huge fireplace and comfy armchairs. But that could be, you know, upstairs. And the bookstore and a fully armed and operational cupcake/coffeshop on the first floor. And, oh, guestrooms with canopied beds and huge, Norwegian comforters on the top floor. And a little attic where bird and ragdoll cats hang out. Amicably, of course.

Elise Murphy said...

Artisan cupcakes? You've got to love Portland. I haven't thought of linzer torte since I was a little girl. Do they mail those?

Thanks for the plug of my very fresh (in oh so many ways) blog.

Your talk was truly wonderful at SCBWI - you are a woman of many talents!

Steph said...

"Honey pistachio buttercream."

Have more beautiful words ever been spoken? I'm salivating. I need a bib.

No. I need a cupcake.

And by the way - your pink and yellow hair would TOTALLY kick the poo out of my blue streaks in a smackdown. Just so you know.


chest of drawers said...

I shouldn´t have read this before breakfast!

Jone said...

Thanks Laini. I was at Powells this AM and went to Cupcake Jones for treats on the annual weekend with the college girls at Seaside.
Yum...6 for the price of 5 today!!