Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No spoilers, I promise!

I am on a strange computer, one of those "PC" contraptions, and I am in a hot, flat city visiting Jim's family, including the newest member, Abigail, aged one week and three days. She's so wee! It boggles the mind that she will grow up into a person. Oh, I know she's already a person, but you know what I mean!

So. Harry Potter. Finished it last night. I won't give anything away. I'll just say -- I'm all for it! I read on Cheryl Klein's blog (too hard to link on this alien computer) -- she's the "Potterologist" editor at Arthur A. Levine Books -- that some people are unhappy with several things about the book, most notably the "title elements" and the final chapter. I wasn't unhappy with them at all! Thought both were so well done. The book was a really different read than the previous six, since it broke the formula. And as for who died and who lived -- well, I thought that was well-chosen too. I'm sad to be finished. Sad the series is finished. I can't imagine what J.K. Rowling must be feeling. I read that she sobbed as she wrote some of the final scenes, and I can well imagine.

What a journey this series has been -- for the whole reading world, really. Snobs excluded, of course. Alexandra and I and my niece and young cousin went to a couple of bookstores on Friday night -- we started out at B&N after seeing Order of the Phoenix next door (it was good!)and it was a madhouse there, lots of costumes, total fun. We wanted to see what was up at Powell's so we drove across the river and found. . . total MADNESS. Streets blocked off. Hundreds and hundreds of people. News vans. Wizard hats. People camped out like it was the Rose Parade or something. WOW! We went back to B&N to get our books. It was too crazy downtown! Didn't get home until close to 2. Sheesh. Read most of the book driving to California the next day. And now it's done. Over.

Guess I'd better get back to writing my own book.

Remember, southern Californians -- friday at Comic-Con: 4:30 -- the "villains" panel! You can find more info on the "news" section of my website. Hope to see you there!


Rilla said...

So you're done reading it huh? Well the neat thing about having a seven book series is that by the time a reader gets to book seven, she's forgotten book one and it's time to start over ;) Well for people like me at least with short and long term memory loss ;0
Flat city? What a wonderful name for a fictional town...

Rilla said...

P.S. Laini, I don't know if you've heard of the community site created for attendees of the conference this year by a fellow blogger. It is hosted by Live Journal and lives here. Check it out if you're interested in being a part of the fun ;)

Jennifer said...

yay! For reading the book! I just realized that I need to reread book 6 so I am tortured at the moment seeing 7 just sitting there calling to me!

Yes! I saw Powells on the news and was glad I crashed early!crazy!

Miss ya!


Rampian said...

I went to a Potter party at Cody's on 4th Street. It just fills my little heart up with joy to see kids screaming---literally SCREAMING---about a book. Some of them sat down right outside the bookstore to start reading it at 12:30am.
I can't let myself even START the book yet because I'm working on Tricycle's first official young adult novel. Had to work on it over the weekend even. So my reward once I'm done with this edit is to run over to Diesel bookstore on College and pick up the copy that's been waiting oh so patiently. Me, I'm not so patient.

kelly rae said...

omg, i wish i were there to see the madness in portland!

ps-you've been tagged...see my blog.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh I can't wait to read it, but must wait for someone else to finish first. That's okay. I'm getting all the CD's so I can start with book 1 and listen while I knit.

Rilla said...

Hey Laini,
Loving the book...one of my fave lines so far --
"It was an evil bramble, taller than tiptoes and dense as a mermaid's braid..."
And I love the way 'Pie curses ;)
Hmm...that scheming Vespers...is she any relation of Blackbringer???
Oh this is getting so good...changes my idea of message in a bottle...