Thursday, August 17, 2006

Slugged by an octopus, but not really

Mmm, corndogs. VEGGIE corndogs. (I [heart] Trader Joe's.) Aren't they cute? And that green dish? I got a set of four in an antique store at the coast last month. Lime green has taken me over in the past few years, so much so that I buy lime-green furniture now, and of course, clothes. And jewelry. We've thought of painting the bathroom lime green, and maybe we will.

News about my writing room: it's finished! Yay! Sort of. Awesome-carpenter-Dave has finished everything, down to the ultra-cool bookcase he made me with a Moroccan arch on the top, new screen doors, and the new threshold for the french doors that makes everything seem so new and lovely. (Thank you, Dave!) But now I have to paint those things, and then, NEST. I can't wait to nest! I got an antique Javanese porch pillar I want to put in there somewhere with some lanterns hanging from it, and I want to paint a big painting for the wall... but right now I'm busy with a) new Laini's Ladies, and b) the second round of revisions for Blackbringer. I was a little stunned when I got the manuscript back from my editor, expecting, well, a copyedit, I guess. But there were fairly substantial editorial comments and it was a LITTLE bit like getting hit over the head with an octopus. An octopus? Sure, you know: it didn't really HURT, but it kind of stank. But the shock wore off and I realized the comments were good and thoughtful and the result of the kind of close reading only editors do, and so I'm okay now. (I might occasionally stick my tongue out at the manuscript while I am working, but there's no one there to see.)

So I'd better get back to that. I'll leave you with one of my new garden Laini's Ladies, which won't be available until next year:


Alexandra S said...

I LOVE this lady but again, I need to have a handmade one asap to really confirm my impressions of it. As for the editing, I'm glad you are feeling so positive about it- i t will be an even better book than it already is. AND of course, remember that I had offered you a publishing contract myself with a hefty advance of $5.00, but you chose to turn it down. Very, very silly decision!

jenniferf said...

Oh My Laini!
I love that Garden Lady and it sums up my gardening skills perfectly, may I please reserve one for next year?!
So Glad that you love the room, talented husband Dave says, "I loved doing all the work for you, glad that you are happy and see ya this fall for more work and being ridiculous with Jim!".
P.S. Lime green is my favorite, favorite color ( lime green sandals especially!).

shoofly said...

my living room walls are lime green! I should send you a pic sometime...its quite dramatic! i just bought a lime green bracelet the other day because I couldn't get over how delicious the color was.

your new garden lady is gorgeous! what is your process in designing these (if you don't mind sharing!)? Do you make them as a collage, or create them on the computer?

oh, and "slugged by an octopus" is such an awesome way of putting it. good luck with all the writing!

Deb R said...

I don't like corndogs, but I love that photo! And the Lady is fabulous! If my mom was still alive I'd have to buy one for her!!

kelly rae said...

lovin this lady, laini. can't wait to get this one!

b/sistersshoes said...

This lady could be ME! My hubs just commented today about my 'kiss of death' for our house :(

(so sorry, plant friends :(
Ugh! editor's sound like octopus throwing feinds! Glad you recovered.

Yeah! a new decorating project for you...and you're soooo good at it. Can't wait to see the results.

love ya xxx darlene

Judy Wise said...

LOVE the new lady. Flowerpot on head. Brilliant!

Amber said...

I love your Lady! So cute! Do you make up the quotes too?

I thik even the stinky part of you having to edit, is still very exciting!!


deirdre said...

I can barely wait to see your writing room. Pictures please. The editing process sounds either exciting or intimidating. I'm not sure, although it means you're that much closer to publication. Love the lady.

chest of drawers said...

Lime green! Beautiful! I can´t wait to see the new room.

Yolanda said...

Could you tell me how to do the permalink thing for sunday scribblings since I am one of the ones who apparently is permalink impaired.

melba said...

Love this Lady...she made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Hee! Love the Lady and the quote. :)

And yeah, I remember a lot of my authors, back in the day, being shocked by how substantially edited a MS is while it's also being copyedited.

Lime green is my FAVE color for most things. And your writing room sounds like a dream.

Patry Francis said...

Just read an article that said people with lots of lime green in their houses are happier. Could that explain the beautiful smile in all your photos?

paris parfait said...

Oh, wow! Can't wait to see your writing room photos! As for the editor's revisions, yes, that part's worthy of some cringing. But no doubt the finished product will do you proud. Your latest lady is gorgeous! (Is there just no end to your creative talents?) Great cheery dishes (and veggie corndogs?) - I like corndogs but of course no chance of seeing those around here. So one day when I'm forced to venture on a Transatlantic flight, corndogs are on my list of American delights.

One Crabapple said...

Love the Garden Lady

(came by way of Holly Loves Art)

this collage is brilliant !

Kim G. said...

Laini - I just read in "Bird by Bird" last night the part about finishing a book is like putting an octopus to bed - is that where your title comes from? :) I'll be so pleased if I figured that one out!

megg said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That lady IS me. I kill plants. I've killed every single plant I have ever been in charge of. Does that make me a good gardener?!?!?!? What an empowering affirmation! :)

Sorry about the stress that the editing process is putting on you. Just keep on loving that gorgeous room & it will all come together - I believe it!!!


P.S. I owe you an email - I will soon!!